How much fun do SpouseLink Ambassadors have at the events they attend? Well… in this case, a lot! Ambassador Gisella recently attended the Step Up For Soldiers Backyard BBQ cook-off event at Carolina Beach in Wilmington, NC, on behalf of AAFMAA. She specifically noted, “The event was a lot of fun!… The location was beautiful but unfortunately the wind wouldn’t give up.” Yikes… wind? 

What else did Gisella report? “Our table was filled with keychains, koozies, and mini footballs — people loved it! The book Direct Fire by A.J. Tata (signed by the author), were gifts for the final judges of the [cook-off]. (We had to use them as paperweights on our table because of the wind).” Wait… did she say “wind” again?!

She continued, “They had awesome bands performing: FEEBS, The Cut, and The Idlewild South. We tasted great BBQ and participated in the voting. Bustin’ Butts won 1st place… They also had the most delicious seafood chowder I’ve ever had from Michael’s Seafood (it seriously was amazing).”

Well… it sounds like everything turned out alright in the end for Gisella and all of the other attendees..

See what else blew Gisella away:


More fun with Gisella:

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