SoldierSend makes it easy for loved ones and supporters to help soldiers around the world live happier lives while serving. The site allows you to see wish lists of soldiers and easily send items. You can also create your own wish list if you’re a soldier. This is a great way to help support our troops! Here is some more info from the site:


Disparate and varied items all ship together

There are many stores and websites selling the same items that we offer, but most well-intentioned Supporters often don’t have the time to hunt them all down and Soldiers don’t have time to track down multiple shipments and packages sent from different destinations and shippers.

Confusing shipping procedures are made simple

In the past, shipping to Military bases or overseas destinations was confusing, complicated, and full of doubt. Because many of the items purchased are right off of a Soldier’s registry, the Soldier has most often registered their current and correct shipping address, making it easy for Supporters to check out with confidence, knowing that we’ll handle the paperwork for them—and that’s all we do, all day, every day!

Tailored item selection makes shopping fast and easy

Ideally Supporters can send Soldiers the things they have actually asked for, via their online registry…but even without the Soldier’s advice, Supporters can have confidence that the items offered at have been chosen after much careful research and countless Soldier’s requests. Rather than offer every boot ever made—we offer you the ones that are the best, according to real Soldiers with real needs.

Soldiers with limited computer time can blog, share photos, and communicate with Supporters at home

This is a great way for Soldiers to share their very real needs with their loved ones and also a great way for Supporters and Soldiers to just keep in touch without having to waste precious computer time logging in to multiple sites. is an online community of Soldiers and Supporters of our troops.

Everybody wins

Soldiers get more of what they want because it is finally easy for Supporters all over the US to support our troops!


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