The Battle of Ganjgal Valley is known as one of the deadliest encounters of the Afghan War. Four years later, former U.S. Army Captain William Swenson will receive the Medal of Honor for ‘conspicuous gallantry’ for his actions during the battle. While serving as an Embedded Trainer and Mentor of the Afghan National Security Forces, his team of U.S. and Afghan National Security Forces came under enemy fire. During the firefight that ensued that day, 5 Americans lost their lives. Swenson recovered bodies of his fellow soldiers and risked his own life to help the wounded. The helmet camera of a Medevac crew member taped Swenson kissing one of his fellow soldiers on the forehead in an attempt to comfort him before he was removed from the area by a helecoptor. His injured comrade later died from his injuries. Complete composure and selflessness in a harrowing situation has earned Swenson the honor of being the 6th living recipient of the Medal of Honor for his heroism in Iraq or Afghanistan.    

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