Sleeping with Dog Tags tracks the emotional rollercoaster of a Military Spouse’s year at home while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan. In an emotional narrative, show paints a picture of how difficult the struggle is when a loved one is deployed and how little support there really is on the home front.

At the heart of the book though, there is a true love story – a  story about two people meeting later in life after divorces and discovering they are soul mates despite their very different backgrounds. And it is the wisdom garnered from a life of experiences that feeds a very poignant, yet very self-aware reflection on the challenges of dealing with the ever-present specter of death, the my way or the highway nature of the Military, and the missteps of a strong woman treading the uncharted path of a Military Spouse.

The pages aren’t filled with all heaviness though, the author’s humor and passion bring life to each chapter. This is not a bitter or whiny piece of writing angry at times, yes, sad too, and funny as well but her objective is not to complain. Rather, she strives to offer some perspective on her experiences in the hopes that other Military Spouses will take some courage and confidence from the heartfelt reminiscences of a woman who got really tired of saying good-bye.

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