If you’re trying to get in shape, stay in shape or prevent weight from creeping on, there are a few simple things to do to stay healthy in the process.

Don’t skip meals

Eat smaller meals throughout the day, but don’t go without food for long periods of time to encourage weight loss. The most common meal that people skip is breakfast. There’s a reason to discourage skipping meals: it slows down your metabolism; especially breakfast, which jumpstarts your metabolism for the day.

Drink water throughout the day

Nothing hydrates quite like water, and other drinks contain chemicals and sugars that aren’t the best option to continuously put in your body. Drinking water throughout the day also helps you control portions during meals.


Cleaning requires a lot of physical activity; from scrubbing to lifting, there’s already a good basis to get you moving. Since you’re more than likely to get grungy and sweaty anyway, why  not incorporate a few more lunges, lifts and a some sit-ups for good measure. You’ll feel great and the house will look great.

Don’t get discouraged by the gym

You don’t have to hit the gym each day to get the results you want; that is, if you even have time for the gym. Take 5 minutes here and there to walk, jog, lift weights or hold a few yoga poses. For many people, small segmented workouts make encourage regular exercise more than full blown gym sessions.

Change it up

Whether or not time’s an issue, try a variety of workout approaches. Take advantage of outdoor activities when the weather is nice, try yoga, pilates, Zumba, and whatever else you think you may enjoy.

 How do you stay fit and healthy?

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