Traveling often plays a big role in the life of a MilSpouse, whether you’re transitioning as the result of deployment or if you’re just a travel junkie like us.  We all know how much planning a quality trip takes and we don’t want to think about arranging travel insurance last minute.  Not to mention, is it even worth it if you already have medical insurance? We wanted to find out.

Travel Insurance

Depending on where you are traveling, some destinations actually require you to have travel insurance before they will issue a visa.  You may already have life and medical insurance, but some policies don’t cover you internationally. is an excellent resource to find policy options and pricing information.  There is also an option to choose individual ‘extras’ if you’re already covered by another policy.

For example, there is really no need to have coverage for things like emergency evacuation on a regular basis. But, if you decide to go on an extreme mountain climbing or kayaking trip, this sort of just-in-case coverage may be a realistic option for a surprisingly affordable price.

 Baggage Protection Insurance

Another option which you may have overlooked is baggage protection insurance. We’ve all heard horror stories about airlines losing or damaging baggage.  This is another cautious form of affordable insurance which will become a precious asset if you ever need it.

Overall, if you are nervous about any possible risks, we would take the ‘better safe than sorry’ route when considering travel insurance.   Plan ahead and take a few minutes to call your current medical insurance company to ask if conditions of your trip will be covered. If the response seems a bit iffy about coverage, go ahead and look into travel insurance.

Life Insurance

Additionally, if your family is preparing for deployment, it’s never too early to consider life insurance.  Our friends at AAFMAA provides low-cost Military life insurance for you and your loved ones.  If you are returning from your latest deployment, AAFMAA also provides survivor assistance services.  Check them out to see how they can support your Military family.

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