As a MilSpouse, you should know what kind of life insurance your partner has signed up for.

When servicemembers enlist, they are automatically signed up with SGLI, which is $400,000 of life insurance for $26 dollars a month, along with other provisions, including insurance in case of traumatic injuries.  Still, it is important to know that there are other life insurance options out there — that come with more coverage and for a more affordable premium.

If you have a family, you may want to consider supplementing your SGLI with additional options created just for the military community.

AAFMAA is one of those providers. Make sure that you know about AAFMAA before you or your spouse sign up exclusively for SGLI coverage.

Solutions for Your Military Family:

Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Home Mortgages, Survivor Services, and more. Learn more about AAFMAA.

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