Sandboxx is a fun new resource that helps Military Families stay in touch with one another, no matter how many miles separate them from one another. They have 2 great features that benefit the service member and their family — making it super easy to stay in touch during time apart.


The Mailboxx feature allows a deployed service member’s friends and family back home to send physical post mail directly from their mobile devices. Just download the Sandboxx app to get started. Then, you can take a photo, add text, click send and it’s printed, folded and sent in the mail. Mailboxx messages also include a stamped and addressed envelope to go back to the sender. That way, when your deployed service member receives your photo and note, they can respond with a letter of their own.  It’s a quick and easy tool created so that even the busiest of MilSpouses can send encouraging words and pictures to their Military members, across the globe, as often as they want!


In 2014, we’re all living in a digitally driven society where we expect instant gratification, instant messaging and social networking availability around the clock. The Chatboxx feature is a unit-specific social communication tool that allows Military members to keep those channels of communication open with other members of their platoon, ship, detachment, barracks and friends and family who are there to share support and encouragement. With Chatboxx, users can post photos, write texts and share events with other Military members privately within their unit. Service members are also able to connect with past units with whom they’ve served in during their Military career. Download the free app today to check out all it has to offer.

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