Apple has been setting industry standards and breaking boundaries for years with products that have revolutionized the way you live. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod launched technology that you wouldn’t know what to do without.

Children are raised with these items as if they’ve always existed. The iPod Shuffle, iPod mini and workout arm band revolutionized exercise, leaving many asking how they were ever able have an effective workout with the burdonsome walkman.

And then there’s Google, who has recently stepped up their futuristic, life-changing technology with Google Glass.  While the tech giant is focusing on computerized robotic eye-wear, another tech titan is launching a device for your wrist…

Samsung is attempting to take the innovative lead from Apple and Google, with their new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch which is rumored to be released September 25th, 2013. The idea behind the smartwatch is to link the device to your smartphone to notify users when they receive a call, text or email. What other bells and whistles will it offer and will it even take off among the public? If the purpose of the technology is to inform you of notifications that many people habitually reach into their back pockets to check regularly anyway, is the smartwatch worth it?

The next question is, when will Google and Apple be releasing their version of a smartwatch? There is a lot of potential for this technology, but success will rest with the company that uses it best.


What features would you want to see in a smartwatch?

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