Return is the story of Kelli, a female soldier returning home from war. She is expected to quickly settle back into her life with her husband and kids in the small town she grew up in. As the movie unfolds, we see Kelli struggle with the realization that the life she left behind is no longer the same one waiting for her when she returns. David Edelstein puts it best in his review when he says Return is quiet and naturalistic, but its plainness is suffused with anguish. With the barest of means, Johnson and Cardellini evoke the emotional limbo of a vet who comes home to find no signs of the war we’re fighting and no way to make sense of where she was and what it meant. That lack of resolution, of a traditional story arc, is what makes the movie feel so real. It’s what Return doesn’t do that has a lingering sting.” Check out Edelstein’s full review here.

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