Old, tired and outdated finds from your local thrift store aren’t usually very appealing at first glance. But, you’ll have to get creative like DoItOnaDime! Think of how you can take uninspiring items and turn them into fresh, fun decorative pieces for your home. If you’re looking for some new wall art, think outside the box. Find flat baskets or outdated serving items and repurpose them into funky wall art. Check your local dollar store for small frames. If you want a larger hanging statement piece, check out your local thrift shops to find sturdy frames with glass and matte. Add your own art, scrapbook paper or family photos to personalize them! Don’t judge a chair by its cover. If you’re loving the wood work, shape or quality of a chair – other than the upholstery – it’s a super easy fix. Buy the affordable chair, and DIY your way to a super classic and astronomically expensive (looking) chair to wow all who see its updated glory! On another furniture-based note, look beyond the exterior. Look for items while keeping in mind that paint and new drawer pulls (and other small detail work) can go a long way! One last updating point to keep in mind is that thrift and dollar shore shopping are the perfect place for storage and organization items. Now get out there and find a deal!

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