Once the stacks of presents that were under your tree have turned into mounds of paper and cardboard, its time to think about how to get rid of the mess. Did you know that many of your wrappings can be recycled and help save the planet? Here are some tips on what can be recycled and what you should throw out or reuse. Recycling your gift wrap and boxes is simple and easy.

What type of Holiday wrapping paper and materials are recyclable?
–  All forms of wrapping paper can be recycled except for foil. Foil should be thrown out in the trash bin
–  Gift bags can be recycled once the handles have been removed
–  The cardboard tube that wrapping paper is rolled onto
–  All Holiday cards, regardless of the amount of glitter or stuff glued on
–  Cardboard boxes and gift boxes
–  Tissue paper or crape paper
–  Inflatable packaging plastic bags or bubble wrap

What types of Holiday materials are not recyclable?
–  Ribbons and bows
–  Any form of foam products such as packing peanuts.
–  Most handles of gift bags
–  Items that can’t be separated from one another, like metal or plastic attached to cardboard or paper

Do you have any tips for recycling? Leave a post below or tell us your story.

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