If your spouse is suffering from PTSD, you and your family may find it hard to relate and provide valuable support.  Erica David, the author of “PTSD: A Spouse’s Perspective,” wants you to know that you’re not alone. Her book provides helpful insight into what PTSD is, the effects of secondary PTSD and how to cope with a loved one who has been plagued with the disorder.

Seeking help for your spouse is the first step to a healthy, happy family. But, the road to treatment and recovery doesn’t just affect your servicemember.

David provides 84-pages of empathy, support and stories from someone who has experienced these situations. Her veteran husband has PTSD; and without giving away too many details of what’s to come in the book, know that she is also has the condition.

See how she and her family deal with PTSD. What worked; what didn’t? Her journey will inspire you to take action to help your loved one. Whether you’re looking to improve your marriage, save your marriage, relate and help your spouse or you’re at wit’s end, this is a great resource. After all, knowledge is power.

Grab the NOOK Book copy for $8.39 or the paperback version  for $9.95 at Barnes & Noble.


What helpful PTSD resources would you recommend?

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