Working remotely, telecommuting and web-based work are excellent resources for MilSpouses on the move with the military. But, there seems to be an ongoing argument about the effectiveness of these types of work.

Earlier this year, Melissa Mayer announced that Yahoo employees would no longer be able to telecommute or work remotely. Yahoo claimed that this change was to ensure innovation.  While offices and designated work locations help people to focus and stay on task, it’s not realistic for everyone. Some people have no trouble focusing on daily work tasks from home; completing projects just as efficiently as they would in an office or professional setting.

Some people want to have a career, and to focus on family and home life at the same time, which would make telecommuting or remote work a perfect option.

What if you really like the company you’re working for, but your family has to move due to PCS? Again, these absentee employee opportunities would not only save the employee time and stress, it would also benefit the employer. Training a new employee, severance pay for the old employee and allowing time for the new employee to reach the same momentum as someone who was forced to leave can all be prevented thanks to technology.

Telecommuting and remote work aren’t effected by transit strikes, traffic delays, or weather.  You’ll be able to save money on work clothes,transportation costs, and daycare by looking into telecommuting, remote work and web-based opportunities. Even if you’re able to negotiate 1-2 work-from-home days each week, you’ll be able to save your personal resources and keep your personal life organized.

Do you know of any remote work, telecommute or web-based job resources?

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