After four years of living at Robins Air Force Base, in Warner Robins, GA, Kathryn Sneed, a Military Spouse and mom who lives on base with her husband and their kids, offers some insight into an on-base life. See if you agree with her pros and cons.

Military Housing “Pros”

  • Convenient access to the Commissary and PX
  • Safety
  • Feeling a close connection to others who are part of the Military Community
  • Enjoying “free” utilities and maintenance at home
  • Special on-base programs both for her as a MilSpouse and for her children

Military Housing “Cons”

  • The process of bringing friends and family on base can be difficult
  • There is no separation between work life and home life
  • There are sometimes limited housing options

So how does Kathryn deal with all of these pros and cons — including where her Military Family will live? Ultimately, she said it’s crucial to evaluate what is most important to you when it comes to your own home life. Read her full blog post.

And remember, there may be times when you may have to choose the least desirable option for you at that time, but the unexpected benefits you gain from making that choice (or any choice you make in life) may surprise you and give you memorable happy experiences. So, it’s also important to keep an open mind.

Kathryn is a Christian stay-at-home mom and Air Force wife. She blogs about marriage, motherhood, military life and life with her autistic son at


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