Have you ever relocated only to discover your important documents were missing? Need a birth certificate while on the road? Ever tried navigating the VA claims process?  AAFMAA is here to help.

Premier Services are designed with the needs of military and veteran families in mind. Protecting your family and all that you and your spouse have worked for gives you peace of mind. Premier Services will help you get there. Expand your AAFMAA membership benefits with Premier Services for just $5.95 per month.

What are the Premier Services features?

Digital & Physical Vault Document Storage

  • 24/7 global, online digital access to your family’s most important and essential documents: marriage & birth certificates, Form DD 214, wills, powers of attorney, life insurance policies, VA claims awards, and trust documents through AAFMAA’s secure Member Center
  • Physical storage of original, copy and certified documents (which are critical for filing government claims and survivor benefits) in AAFMAA’s own on-site, secure vault. Need an original – just call us!

VA Disability Claims Coordination*

    • Our expert staff knows the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims process thoroughly. We prepare initial and new claims for service-connected disabilities after separation or retirement and receipt of DD214.
    • We analyze your VA award decision to explain, educate and guide you on additional benefits such as CRDP/CRSC and dependency claims.

 *To locate the status of a Pending Claim from the VA, got to: Ebenefits at http://www.va.gov/

*Submittal of claims to the VA and follow-up of all Claims is done through AAFMAA’s partnership with the Disabled American Veterans(DAV). The DAV provides services free of charge to veterans or family members.

Military Benefits Analysis

  • Analysis tools, calculators and reports help you make informed decisions on your benefits. Our team will help you know what it all means and how benefits decisions impact you and your family. Our personalized assistance will maximize the benefits you’ve earned.

Transition Readiness Assessment

If your spouse is looking to retire from the military, the AAFMAA team will assess your status and ensure maximum benefits and entitlements. Our assessment includes:

  • Retirement Pay Income Estimator
  • Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) evaluation
  • Term Life Insurance Comparison – replacement options due to SGLI coverage loss
  • Active duty income replacement for the civilian world (upon request)


To become an AAFMAA member, expand your membership to include Premier Services or get more information, check out AAFMAA.com or give us a call at 1-800-522-5221.

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