Potty training the kiddos makes your life easier and your wallet happier! Diapers are a serious investment in your children, and changing diapers are every parent’s (…no parent’s) favorite activity. As one of the most intimidating processes in the parenting lifecycle, all you need is a little guidance to make sure you’re on target and working toward the ultimate goal: a potty trained child. Jessica Kim will light the way and inspire you to teach your tot to use the toilet. Keep a positive attitude and make sure they see your pride in their successes. Encourage these victories while expecting small setbacks. Don’t scold or discourage your child when accidents happen. They need all of the positive feedback that you can muster to build their confidence and promote one of their first major life accomplishments. Before making an effort to train your child, set the stage in their mind. Watch fun movies about potty training and talk to them about it. If you take measures to prepare them for this change, the act won’t come as such a shock when the time comes to try out the real deal. Knowledge is power and extra support will help you know how to prepare your kids for whatever comes their way.   What potty training tips do you have?

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