If you’re not into waking up at the crack of dawn to shop off your food hangover this Black Friday, there are some other great ways to snap out of that coma the day after your feast!

Cut Calories

After gorging yourself on all of the autumn goodies, tone down the caloric intake. This probably won’t be a big problem, since your appetite will more than likely be on the low side; but make sure to eat light, healthy meals the day after Thanksgiving.


With all of the pies, breads, meats and starchy foods Americans often chow down on during Thanksgiving, try a juice or liquid detox the day after. Juicing will make you feel refreshed and will boost your immune system with an overload of great vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Supplements

All of the sugary treats you consume during the holidays actually drive down the immune system. Fend off colds and the dreaded flu with preventative measures like Emergen-C or a daily multi-vitamin to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Lots of Water

Odds are that you consumed a pretty hefty amount of salt yesterday. Kill that bloat with water. Constantly have a bottle of water by your side, and make a conscious effort to continuously drink it. Even if you don’t go for a full-on liquid cleanse diet, make sure to drink all the water you can handle.


Get your lemon (or lime) water ready to purge the system of all your Thanksgiving sins.  Keep in mind it’s not healthy to start a multi-day cleanse right after Thanksgiving. You’re confusing your metabolism by binging and suppressing. Regain dietary equilibrium by listening to your body rather than looking for extreme solutions.


How do you recover from the tastiest holiday of them all?

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