A portfolio career is a collection of multiple part-time or temporary jobs, contract positions, freelance projects, entrepreneurial or creative ventures, volunteer activities, and/or any activity which you find to be fulfilling. The compilation of these varied activities takes up as much time, and sometimes more, than a traditional full-time position. While these types of positions offer more variety, they also require a high level of risk tolerance and self-management.

This non-traditional career choice can allow you to work when and where you like if you are unable or disinterested to work a traditional full-time position.

The type of work often undertaken with a portfolio career tends to suit parents who want to raise their children and work, without sacrificing one for the other.

In “One Person/Multiple Careers,” Marci Alboher defines ‘slashers’ as individuals who have chosen to work in multiple areas or interests, comprising of a portfolio career. The concept of slashers taking on these portfolio careers took off during the onset of the financial crisis of 2008.

Many who have undertaken a portfolio career feel that a ‘traditional’ career is a thing of the past. Others are unable to land the job of their dreams; and so, they have taken a different, more creative direction.

Those who worked in one position for the entirety or majority of their careers, as was often seen in the 1950s, is shifting to a much more transient, mobile environment these days. Employees change companies and career paths much more often than previous generations.

Job Shift: How to Prosper in a Workplace Without Jobs” by William Bridges is a relevant and insightful resource for those considering this type of career.  Lack of job security, continually increasing job competition and lack of applicable jobs in today’s market make portfolio careers especially attractive.

Since portfolio careers are also a relatively new concept, there are a great deal of opportunities out there. Consulting, entrepreneurship, and nontraditional income sources are just a few options to tap into new passions, industries and personal growth opportunities while retaining more control of your earnings goals.

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