Be the writer you’ve always wanted to be

If you love writing, why not turn that hobby into a money making venture?  Look for some freelance writing opportunities around your community or online to earn extra cash or establish regular writing gigs.

Similarly, blogging is a great way to earn some extra money.

eBooks are an increasingly popular trend because of their ease of accessibility. If you want to share your adventurous tales as a thrill seeker or travels across the globe as a MilSpouse, an eBook is a wonderful avenue to get your story out, earning money for your work!

Design and re-design online

If you have an eye for design, take the time to become a freelance graphic designer, web designer or blog designer.  There is a continuously growing need for these three types of designers. Working for yourself will allow you to take on as much or as little work as you want to complete.

Out with the old

Don’t forget about the wonders of eBay! If you are overloaded with items you don’t use, consider re-selling them on eBay. Establish a goal for the money made from selling your used items and it will make the work worth your while.

Tailor made

If you know your way around a sewing machine, there is definitely money out there to be made!  Think about creating a web-based business for made-to-order personalized and monogrammed items for babies, women and pets.

Your local, home-based tailoring business will be able to provide lower prices than tailors with store-fronts because there’s no issue of paying rent for a shop. You could also go speak with dry-cleaning services who don’t provide tailoring services.  Ask them if they’ll advertise and/or recommend your services to their clients who need a good tailor.

Get crafty

Love shopping on Etsy? Get involved with your own creations! If you have a craft or product you love to make, why not share it with other lovers of specialty and handmade products?


What are some other portable careers that inspire you?

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