The Muddy Boots blog came up with an affordable, simple to create pool toy that the little ones will love! Pool noodle light sabers are perfect for kids….but we adults may be trying to get in on the fun as well, ya know?!

Host a Star Wars party, complete with light sabers. And, no power or lightbulbs are necessary! Bonus: if they break, no one gets hurt, and it’s just a cheap pool toy. No holes will be burned through pool or partygoers!

All you’ll need to create these handy water-friendly light sabers are some pool noodles, duct tape, electricians tape and a pair of scissors. Each light saber will come out to about $1.44 for each completed noodle. If you want to create some fun new toys for summer pool time, before the summer flies by, check out the full directions and Amy’s great blog here.


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