It’s unfortunate that the truly kind deeds of someone’s life come out posthumously.  Then again, it’s wonderful to hear stories of an individual’s life that bring a smile to your face.  In the wake of Paul Walker’s recent death, some such stories are coming to light.

Shopping around for the perfect engagement ring, Kristen and Kyle Upham just happened to be in the same jewelry store as Fast and Furious star Paul Walker.  The couple wanted to decide on an engagement ring before Kyle returned to Iraq on his second deployment. Unable to afford the ring of their dreams, the couple left the shop in search for more affordable options.

They were later called back to return to the store where they were presented with the $9,000+ ring, which had been paid in full by an anonymous buyer.

The story has only come out since Walker’s death, by jewelry store employee Irene King, who was present when the ring was purchased by the star. King helped keep Walker’s kind act a secret, until now.

The actor’s kindness is remembered 10 years later, helping a Military couple have the engagement of their dreams.


What are some random acts of kindness that bring a smile to your face?

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