Julie Uhrman posted a project idea on Kickstarter in 2012, deciding on a goal of $950,000 to make her vision into reality. She gained over 63,000 backers and raised over $8 million. Since then, the Ouya founder and her team have created a console, which is not much bigger than a smartphone, and will be available for you to buy in June 2013. As gaming become more and more innovative, sleek and realistic, the prices rise higher and higher with each new version.  One of the missions of Ouya is to provide affordable gaming for the masses.

So, what exactly is Ouya?

Ouya brings development innovation and TV gaming together.  Still in the prototype phase of creation, backers of the project on Kickstarter earned a sample through which they can help develop games without licensing fees, retail fees or publishing fees.  This development ability is known as “open” gaming, a completely new concept. High levels of creative collaboration with the target market brings Ouya to an even higher level of innovation. This could be the beginning of the end of market research; simply including the desired market in the development phases of creation. If you want in on the creativity, don’t worry. This “open” gaming idea won’t end in the development phases. Once the system is released, all users with tech know-how will be welcome to build their own games to release on the system. Just think of it as an app store filled with video games to be played on your TV. Retro style meets modern variety of gaming options. With Android technology, the Ouya gaming console will offer a wide assortment of games built by users to be played on TV; all for the extremely affordable price of $99.

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