Operation Shower is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides joyful baby showers for Military families to ease the burden of deployment. For Military families who are expecting a new baby and are experiencing or have recently experienced deployment, the group:
  • Hosts amazing baby showers
  • Delivers high-quality products
  • Creates a shared experience
  • Partners with organizations to provide value-added services, such as health-related information
Operation Shower began in March 2007, when LeAnn Morrissey, looking for a way to give back to her uncle who was deployed overseas, was asked to send a card to 4 women who were expecting babies while their Spouses were deployed.  LeAnn wanted to give more, so she  set out with family and friends to send a “shower in a box” to the four Military families who were expecting babies while the husband was deployed. The overwhelming support she received putting these boxes together and the messages of thanks from these moms left her with little doubt that this was something worth continuing. She joined with Kris Jackson, to hold the first unit-wide shower at Ft. Bragg, NC in June 2007.   From that point forward, they made it official and Operation Shower was born. Operation Shower was founded because Military moms are the ones who hold it all together at home. These moms go through pregnancy without their Spouse and deserve support and care. As well as a party!   Learn more Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook Watch on YouTube

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