The Comfort Crew for Military Kids is an organization dedicated to helping MilKids face challenges that come their way; to ensure that every military child receives the best tools, strategies and technology to create a positive impact on the children, their families and the country their loved ones serve. With frequent moves, deployments, visible and invisible injuries and unique family situations, military kids shouldn’t have to shoulder these burdens alone.

This year, The Comfort Crew offers a little extra joy to these MilKids through Operation Holiday Hope.

There are thousands of military kids all over our country dealing with the separation of a loved one due to a deployment this holiday season. Operation Holiday Hope offers a chance to send an encouraging message to a military child who has a parent currently deployed. Children who have requested deployment resources from us this year will receive a personalized holiday card in the mail and invitation to view all the messages we collect.

Your message of support will let them know you appreciate the sacrifices they’re making.

Express your gratitude to a Military child and their family today through operation holiday hope by visiting!

What are some other ways of supporting the Military community this holiday season?

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