If you’re a Military Spouse and a teacher, you probably already understand the hurdles involved with PCSing and maintaining your teaching licensure. It’s always hard to become licensed in the state you’re living in, teach for a few years only to re-locate a few years later to repeat the process all over again.

If you want to overcome this obstacle and continue teaching what you love, consider carrying on with your career through cyberspace.

There is an increasing need for online teachers. Most lessons take place through video messaging programs like Skype or pre-recorded sessions. Many online teaching positions also include benefits like health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off. Be prepared for a background check, have your references ready and expect an interview when the right match comes along.

Even though you’ll need to be licensed to teach in the state where your students reside, you don’t need to live in that state. It’s a very promising portable career opportunity!

For more information, check out Connections Academy and K12.  These are only a few resources that may help you find the perfect teaching opportunity that works with your lifestyle.

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