As America nears the 12th anniversary of September 11th, composer Jake Heggie prepares to release a new album to inspire hope.  “here/after: songs of lost voices” will be released on October 21st; sharing real stories, memories and a hopeful tone about one of the darkest days in U.S. history. The songs were written as a tribute to all who were lost, to help their family and friends find closure and to help the country heal. Americans around the world were affected by 9/11/2001 in some way, and the world seemingly stopped. But, everyone who was old enough to remember that day, still recalls exactly where they were and how they felt that morning. This thought-provoking music will bring back that feeling of unity that our country felt in the days and weeks after 9/11. Families grieved, New Yorkers mourned, America became a unified support system for one another; and now that the NYC Freedom Tower is almost complete, look forward to new hope without forgetting the past.

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