Back-to-school season always means something different for Military kids.

With PCS moves most summers, the start of a new school year can be a time of extreme change for Military brats. Not only are kids entering a new grade, they may very well be starting at an entirely new school, with brand-new classmates, in a totally new city or state. And with each change in environment comes a unique set of pressures and difficulties for Military children and parents alike. Will they be placed in the right classes? Will the new teachers be able to properly address their needs? Will the child be able to adapt?

The challenges may be familiar ones for a Military family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easy to figure out. For example, education guidelines and standards often differ from state to state. And while each state’s standards don’t ultimately determine the curriculum, they definitely influence it. Luckily, many states have recently tried to work together to adopt similar standards, but not everything is consistent across state lines. Varying educational standards can end up hurting your child’s progress, whether they be too far ahead of their classmates or struggling to catch up.

Unlike most parents, Military spouses can’t always rely on their school officials to know what’s in the best interest for their kids. For one, you may not even know who the school teachers and officials are yet! Regardless, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and speak up. Military parents often have to become their child’s biggest advocate. Who else will ensure your child is getting the proper support — both educationally and emotionally — as they embark on each new school year.

Unfortunately, not all of these issues can be solved by a simple discussion with your child’s teacher or even their principal. But, the Military community isn’t giving up that easy. Nope… not without a fight! Or, in this case, a survey.

Take the Survey

Our friends over at National Military Family Association want you to join in their Education Revolution and help make it easier for Military kids to get the schooling they need. Take their survey and voice your opinion on how we can all create a better educational experience for our Military children. As you get ready for another school year with your kids, think about what changes you’d like to see for your Military children and other Military children across the country.

An uneven and inconsistent playing field puts Military children at a disadvantage in our school systems. Access to a proper education is their right, and it’s our job to make sure they get it. So let your voice be heard.

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