If you put your career plans on hold when you became a Military Spouse or a mother, it’s time to think out of the box if you’re considering a return to your chosen career field.  If you’ve been away from your industry for several years, a great place to start networking your way into a new position is by contacting those who worked under you or those who were in junior positions when you were previously employed. Odds are that these individuals have started working their way up the career ladder and would be excellent resources to help you pick up your career in a similar role, should that be your position of interest. Carol Fishman Cohen, along with Vivian Steir Rabin, are the co-founders of iRelaunch, a resource for individuals looking to re-enter the workforce after time off. These career-reentry strategy experts have plenty of career tips and approaches. Thinking about going back to work? See how it’s done with iRelaunch!

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