If you’re a new MilSpouse, some of the most valuable advice you can possibly hear is not to get worked up about deployments and to just go with the flow. Deployment lengths are uncertain. For those in the Navy, terms of deployment are very rotational, generally around six months at sea followed by six months at home (give or take a few weeks or months). Deployments aren’t the only time your spouse will be away; don’t be upset when they also have to leave for education and training obligations. Basically, take advantage of the time you have with them; treat every day like it’s the last day before deployment. Once they leave, contact is a challenge. You may be able to talk to your spouse over the phone occasionally, but your best bet is to send emails and letters regularly. Another great way to show you care is to send care packages; your spouse will love that you’re thinking of them!  What advice do you have about deployments?

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