As Americans, we live in an over-medicated and often over-prescribed society, and as seen in recent news, a good rule of thumb is to hold off on taking medicine unless you actually need it.

New research shows that antibiotics aren’t as effective for ailments such as sinus infections as previously thought.  Researchers and doctors are also claiming that the more you take antibiotics (when you don’t really need them), the less effective they become as your body builds up immunity.

But, now that it’s officially Spring, here comes the time of year when sinus troubles and sniffles dominate. Many people suffer from seasonal sinus infections and allergies. While these ailments aren’t fun, they’re no reason to rush to a doctor for a prescription for antibiotics. However, if you feel that you may be suffering from something more than just allergies be safe pay a visit to your doctor.

Here’s a list of 5 tips to help you work through these inconvenient seasonal troubles.


One of the easiest preventative measures you can take if you or anyone in your family suffer from sinus troubles is to start using a humidifier. Moisture makes your nose happy, preventing congestion and helping your body filter out all of the things you breath in each day.

Saline spray

Salt-water solutions can be made at home or purchased at most any drug store. These sprays have the same effect as a humidifier, keeping everything moving through your sinuses, reducing inflammation and congestion.


When you feel the congestion coming on, or if you’ve got a sinus headache, it’s time for something more intense than a humidifier and spray to relieve the pain. That’s right, heat up a pot of water and grab a towel, because it’s time to camp out for a few minutes, breathing in the warm steam. Add some salt to the water if you want to dry out some gunk in your head, and stand by with a box of tissues!  You may also want to consider a steam inhaler.


Ah, Nature’s champagne. Everyone needs it to help remove impurities, even on the healthiest days. But when you’re feeling sinus-y, you need to drink even more of it to help break up the pain in your head.

Get moving!

Moving around and working out aren’t the most appealing thoughts while you’re not feeling well, but if you can summon the energy, physical activity may actually help you feel better.


What sinus and allergy remedies help you get through Spring?

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