Before becoming a leading actor, did you know that Jon Hamm was a teacher? What about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling? Cheryl Crow? Andy Griffith? It’s true, a great deal of the famous actors, writers and singers whom many look to as heroes and role models have been teachers at some point in their lives. Whether or not they ever gain national or international fame and acclaim, the best teachers still leave a lasting impact on the lives of their students. Teachers are a compassionate, patient and selfless breed within our society, and usually don’t get the recognition they deserve. Today is a reminder to show teachers respect and appreciation throughout the year. Let teachers know they are appreciated: send a friendly note to a teacher that positively impacted your life or tell your child’s favorite teacher that they’re a great influence. After all, children spend more time at school, with teachers than many do at home, with parents. Teachers educate, discipline, bond and interact constantly with your kids. Show them thanks for teaching academic, ethical and social lessons in addition to some important lessons about growing up. A major challenge that teachers are battling is the issue of bullying. In many cases, bullying is carried out electronically or away from authority figures. If you feel like your child is in any way involved in bullying at school, sit down with them and encourage them to talk to their teacher about the situation. Teachers are likely to have the experience and training to help your child overcome and solve these issues, so keep them in the loop. Even though educators are romanticized and educational experiences are often exaggerated in Hollywood, there are truths in films like Dead Poets Society and Matilda. Teacher’s should be heroes and role models, encouraging kids to immerse themselves in literature, science, music and embrace any other knowledge they can soak up. Tell us an inspirational story about your favorite teacher.

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