Is it possible to have it all? Traditionally, the transient Military lifestyle has limited the ability of Military Spouses to create and sustain a career path that meets their deepest goals, talents and aspirations. NMSN believes that by leveraging today’s technology and employment trends, it’s entirely possible to maintain a rewarding career within the framework and challenges of the Military lifestyle. NMSN delivers ongoing personal and professional development for Military Spouses by providing: quality content, mentoring, networking opportunities and cutting edge resources. They believe that¬† a truly portable career is one that allows Military Spouses to leverage their existing skills and interests into meaningful, paid work. Through exclusive members only networks, NMSN members can tap into the experiences and the knowledge base of fellow members to seek guidance about their own careers. NMSN provides a community for Military Spouse professionals, businesses, academics and media to share expertise and craft innovative solutions on balancing a viable career with the military lifestyle. NMSN also advocates to ensure that policy makers are aware of the key concerns facing Military Spouses in the workforce, but is a non-partisan organization and does not lobby on specific pieces of legislation.   Visit the site Check out the 2012 Summit happening October 25-27th! Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter  

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