Money concerns can be stressful; everyone’s felt that pressure. So stressful, in some cases, marriages end over financial mismanagement or disagreements.

While other issues like time apart, behavioral  troubles with children, misguided marriage expectations, family issues and sex life can have major effects on your marriage, money is the main reason couples fight.

Financial stress can be remedied in many cases through simple relationship 101 values you’ve heard 1000 times.

For example, communication is one of the best ways to prevent financial mismanagement on the part of you or your spouse. Make sure you’re in agreement before making a large purchase or investment. This way, no one is to blame if the expectation isn’t quite the reality of your spending.

Bills, debt, investments and household budgeting can be super stressful! Be patient and cautious when setting up new services, and make sure to stay on top of these details.

The main way to avoid financial conflicts is to stay open and honest with one another. Communicate with each other about your finances, major purchases and spending habits. That way, you and your spouse will be able to work through financial hurdles as they come instead of letting them build up.

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