The internet is seemingly limitless. Whether you’re in search of knowledge, products, people and especially portable career options, the internet is the place to start!

Patricia Cobe and Ellen H. Parlapiano’s “Mompreneurs Online” is a great resource to help you strategize how to create your portable, work-from-home career while juggling everything else going on in your life.

Creating a Web-based business will make your product or service available to as many people and places as you like – opening up your career offerings to the widest audience that has ever existed.

What’s the best part? Your goals and interaction with clients can be carried out from anywhere you and your MilFam go, and your day-to-day operations can take place from the comfort of your home!

Get inspired today; check it out on Amazon.


What are some other Mompreneur and portable career resources you would recommend?

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