You’ve probably seen it before — women absolutely freaking out as Oprah says in her famous sing-song voice “it’s my favorite things!!” The reactions of normal people being surprised by luxurious products has even fueled a “Saturday Night Live” skit. Although “Oprah” is no longer the same talk show, the TV Queen brought back the event as a special on her network, OWN. More impressive is the fact that the recipients were 30 Military Spouses. Oprah said “there is nobody in the world more deserving of the day that you are about to have.” That day included  a wide variety of gifts, including an elliptical machine, motorized bicycle and Jessica Simpson concert tickets. The Spouses were chosen by their peers — 1.1 million MilSpouses worldwide — as representatives of their community. The Spouses were so overjoyed that they gave the classic over-the-top reactions that have made “Oprah’s Favorite Things” a classic holiday show. Not only is Oprah giving back, Babette Maxwell, President of the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award® program reported that many of the women are giving to other Military Spouses, as well as setting up a gift exchange based on the concept of paying it forward.

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