As Rachel Poole returned to her El Paso home last Wednesday, she decided to FaceTime her deployed husband. The 9-month pregnant mom-to-be was unaware that a 19-year-old Ft. Hood soldier who owed her husband money was hiding in her home. He attacked Poole with a knife, critically injuring her, while her husband was left to helplessly listen to the attack via video chat. The 31-year old MilSpouse recognized her attacker and yelled out his name to inform her husband. Rachel was able to contact the police and tell them the name of the teenage soldier, who was located soon after and taken into custody. Rushed to the hospital, her baby was born via emergency C-section. Two days after the attack, Justin Pele Poole arrived home from his Southeast Asian deployment to find his healthy new baby girl, and his wife who suffered devastating injuries. While Justin will stand by his wife through this ordeal, additional financial support is necessary for the medical bills. A GoFundMe page has been created to cover such costs. To show your support, visit The Poole Family Recovery Fund.

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