The military lifestyle is unlike any other, and only those within the community really understand what it means to be part of a military family. It can be challenging. It can be frustrating. It can be exhausting. But it is also extremely rewarding. Creating DIY projects inspired by your military lifestyle is a great way to celebrate and honor your servicemember’s contribution to our nation and what it means to you and your family.

Here are some fun project ideas that allow you to highlight your military pride.

1. Deployment Countdown 

The wait is almost over! Countdown the days until you get to see your loved one again with a cute piece of wall art. This serves as a daily reminder that — while deployment can feel like a lifetime and then some — there is an end in sight, and you get the opportunity to wake up each morning feeling hopeful and excited as you update the number on your deployment countdown.

Image courtesy of CraftTGiraffe on Etsy

There are a variety of ways you can DIY your very own deployment countdown, from chalkboard wall art to dry-erase calendars. Pinterest and Etsy are great resources for inspiration!

2. Military Branch Door Hanger

Your front door is one of the first things neighbors and passersby notice about your home; it makes a statement about who you and your family are. Showcase your pride for your family’s military lifestyle with a DIY military branch door hanger.

Image courtesy of The Chelsea Collection

Each branch of our nation’s military plays a critical role in protecting our citizens’ freedoms. Whether you’re an Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force or any other type of military family, this DIY door hanger is a wonderful way to share your servicemember’s contribution to our nation with the world.

3. House Key Shadow Box

MilSpouses are no strangers to frequent relocations. Your military lifestyle offers unique and exciting opportunities to live in different places across the country and the world. Celebrate and remember your journey as a military family by creating a shadow box to display the house keys you’ve collected over the years.

Image courtesy of HGTV

Start with a simple shadow box or picture frame that you can pick up from a local craft store as well as fun scrapbook paper that will serve as a backdrop for your house keys. Whether your style is fun and eclectic or sleek and modern, this piece of art is a beautiful way to cherish the memories you and your servicemember have made together.

4. Military Branch T-Shirt Quilt

Cozy up in a warm, comfy blanket — or better yet, a quilt you’ve made yourself! Over the years, your servicemember has likely accumulated a collection of military t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. Rather than take up space in a closet or in a bin under the bed, repurpose these old clothing pieces by crafting a t-shirt quilt.

Image courtesy of Jelly Bean Quilts

This DIY project take a little extra time and patience, but the result is well worth the effort. Plus, you’ll have something familiar to snuggle up with on those days when you’re missing your loved one a little extra.

5. Scrapbook or Memory Box

Creating a scrapbook or memory box is a great DIY project that allow you to keep all of your cherished mementos in one place. There are so many aspects of your military lifestyle worth remembering and celebrating — pictures from reunions, hand-written notes and letters, plane tickets to visit one another, etc.

Image courtesy of Creative Memories

Scrapbooks and memory boxes are such fun projects because there is so much customization involved — you can really express your creativity and have fun! Plus, this is an ongoing project, so you’ll be able to add to it for years to come.

6. Map Decor

We’re constantly looking ahead in anticipation of future events — homecoming, upcoming holidays your family will share together, the next relocation — but it’s equally important to remember the adventures you’ve had along the way. Honor the homes you’ve lived in, the cities you’ve explored and the friends you’ve made over the years with map decor that showcases your travels!

Image courtesy of HowdyOwl on Etsy

It can be as simple as a printed map with thumbtacks or as elaborate as a handcrafted piece of woodwork. The important part is that you have a lovely reminder of the life you and your servicemember have built together.

What other DIY projects have you created inspired by your military lifestyle? Share your photos with us on Facebook!

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