There are so many professional relationships that are are out there waiting to be made! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, have a full-time career in a large company or you’re a stay at home mom, you probably know about the importance of networking. In essence, networking means the same thing for someone who runs a daycare and human resources professional, but the approach will be completely different. Embrace your networking audience and position yourself to shine! That’s why Lida’s advice on personal branding and creativity are so important — they apply to everyone! Thinking outside the box can put you ahead of the game, ahead of the competition and closer to your goal. Respect the fact that there’s a time and a place, but embrace creative ways of meeting the goal. Being proactive and making the most out of your environment and situations will make things happen. Waiting for opportunities to come to you will most likely leave you highly disappointed. We love Lida’s original approach to personal branding and encouraging advice. Check out more words of wisdom at What career advice has helped you?

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