Transitioning from a military lifestyle to a civilian one can feel alien; literally reverse culture shock in many cases.  You’ve spent the last several (or more) years integrating into the military way of life, supporting your service member in that life. And now, you’ve got to turn around and head into uncharted civilian waters.

If you or your veteran are looking to settle into a job in the civilian world, it’s just as important to know what to do as it is to know what not to do.

Confidence is always important when interviewing, but as ClearedJobs.Net shares, confidence and experience are 2 very different things. Don’t go into an interview with a confidence that you’ll be trained fully for the role; but rather, an exuberance to get the job at hand completed effectively and efficiently.

There is a specific need to fill. Make sure you can sell your interviewer on the fact that you have the skills and experience needed to get the job done. This is relevant for you and your service member when on the job hunt; make sure you’re prepared to prove yourself and get your civilian career up and running!

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