Military spouses go through endless challenges, many of which are difficult for civilian friends and family to relate to. That’s why joining a support group for military spouses is a great way to process things, because they’ve gone through similar situations. 

It’s the reason SpouseLink was created by AAFMAA — to support, inform, and inspire military spouses through the voices of military spouses themselves. With nearly 17,000 Facebook followers and more on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, we’re proud to be part of the network of support for those who dedicate themselves to military life.

Military spouse support groups can make deployments, changes in duty stations, preparing to retire from active-duty life, and other sudden and substantial life changes that are normal to the military family lifestyle much more manageable. If you’re a military spouse looking for some assistance and understanding in your journey, then here are some support groups to consider.

10 Support Groups for Military Spouses

1. Military Spouse Advocacy Network

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network has a simple mission: To create stronger military families through education, empowerment, and support. The non-profit organization collaborates with official military installations, Department of Defense resources, and trusted partner organizations to offer interpersonal peer-to-peer mentorships, long-term connections, and resources to expand military families’ sense of community.

2. Milso Support

One of the best things about social media is how many opportunities it creates for building community. Facebook in particular is a wonderful way to find community, even for military spouses. 

The Facebook Group “Milso Support” is an accessible, easy network for some communities and connections. The group posts relatable memes and humorous articles, but it’s also a great place to reach out if you need support, ideas, or tips related to navigating military life.

3. Veteran Spouse Network

Military spouse support shouldn’t end when your spouse leaves the military. Spouses of Veterans face a lot of challenges just like spouses of active-duty members. The Veteran Spouse Network began to provide more support for veteran spouses in Texas. It provides both in-person and online resources. You can access resilience groups, a virtual social club, and a program focusing on the transition from military life into civilian life.

4. Modern Military Association of America

According to its website, the Modern Military Association of America “is the nation’s largest organization of LGBTQ servicemembers, military spouses, Veterans, their families, and allies.” The program was formed through a merger of the American Military Partner Association and OutServe-SLDN. The non-profit organization is a united voice for the LBGTQ military and Veteran community and their partners. It provides education, support, advocacy, and legal services. 

5. Look for Local Clubs and Groups

Online support groups and nonprofit organizations are amazing places to find value, resources, and a community, but the best place to find real friends and support is from local clubs and groups. As you move from one duty station to another, look into what localized clubs, groups, and organizations are available in your area to help you navigate your transition. 

If you can’t seem to find a group or club that fits your needs, you can try creating one yourself. Alternatively, you can try using to find other military spouses nearby and ask them to grab a cup of coffee together.  Check with your duty station to see what resources and community options are available.

6. YMCA Military Outreach

The YMCA offers many unique services to help military families tackle the distinctive difficulties they face in their everyday lives. They focus on creating a healthy environment full of opportunities and a supportive community. 

Families of active-duty servicemembers qualify for a free membership at their local YMCA, and most YMCA sites offer childcare services for parental respite. The YMCA’s childcare options give military spouses a break so they have time to manage their other family responsibilities. 

7. Military Families On the Move!

If you’re looking for some support during a move, Military Families On the Move is a military spouse Facebook support group offering tips, tricks, and techniques for managing life as a military family. Search the group for endless advice on managing moves, settling into new neighborhoods, finding good schools, and even making the most of your shopping. All the information shared in the group applies to military bases across the world.

8. Military Significant Other and Spouse (Military SOS)

According to their site, Military Significant Other and Spouse “provides information and support for all aspects of military life, from basic and Bootcamp to relocation and retirement.”

Whether you’re looking to find friends in your area, find support groups to help through a deployment, want ideas for care packages, are looking for people to talk to who understand what you’re going through, or need advice helping the kids get through military life, Military SOS is a great resource. 

9. United Service Organization (USO)

While the USO is known for supporting the troops, they also have a mission to provide support for military spouses and their families. The USO has programs designed to connect military spouses with helpful networks and their local communities to help them find the help and encouragement they need. They host events and invite local employers and organizations to help keep military families connected and cared for.

10. Career Military Spouses

Yet another Facebook group, the Career Military Spouses group has over 17,000 members, all looking to create a great place to support military spouses. It’s a place for military spouses who have a career to meet other like-minded individuals and support one another. It’s a private group so you can ask questions and post support without worrying about it popping up on your friends’ newsfeeds. 

If you are a military spouse and are looking for military spouse support groups, check out one of these options to find the community and help you need.

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