The SpouseLink team was honored to be able to attend this year’s Military Spouse of the Year Luncheon in Ft. Myer, Va.  The beautiful event was the best imaginable way to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Some of the most passionate, influential and inspiring Military Spouses from all branches of service came together to empower the community and honor one outstanding Military Spouse with the designation of becoming the 2015 MSOY!

Taya Kyle was in attendance to accept the Gabby Giffords Award and share some inspirational words.


Deanie Dempsey unveiled the 2015 MSOY.


And the winner: Corie Weathers!

The Army Spouse is a licensed professional counselor. She has also used this skill to support Military Families.  She’s a selfless woman who has a passion for helping people through very challenging times. Her focus is to bring attention and support to Military Spouses dealing with employment and career issues, domestic violence, constant familial changes, suicidal thoughts and a lack of purpose.

“Military Spouses need more help, need a place to talk, to hurt, to be real without feeling it is unpatriotic or out of place. Bridging the gap will help provide the support and resources to help them thrive in their marriages, their personal goals, cope with the changes in their soldier, as well as the coming changes in the military.” -Corie Weathers


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