UPDATE 2/7/17: The original video shared in this post in 2012 has since been removed from YouTube. At the time, we had this to say about it:

What do you wish people know about the life of Military Spouses? Here are some of the quotes from those that were interviewed:

“We have been in California, Japan, North Carolina, Florida, and now Virginia. I think we’re about to make our eleventh move.  We’ve moved all around the United States, north, south, east, west literally. My children have climbed the Great Wall of China.”

“Oh my gosh. The biggest misconception about Military Spouses is that we sit at home and do nothing. And it’s so hard being a Military Spouse.  A lot of people think that, ‘Oh you’re in the military; you have a lot of things handed to you.’ You don’t. One of the misconceptions I guess that would be out there is, ‘Well the Navy just packs you up, I don’t know why you’re so stressed out about the move. They’re just going to come — don’t they pack you up and move all your stuff?’ Well they do pack us up and they do move all of our stuff, but we now have to worry about the logistics of the area we’re leaving and the logistics of where we’re going.”

“There’s so many things that I care about — my family, my job, my career, the volunteer work that I do. So just setting priorities and making sure I have everything I need to keep my life together is my biggest challenge.”

Now we’ve found a few more videos on the same topic that may interest you just as much. Take a look!


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