Ms.Vicki sits down with SpouseLink so we can get to know her better! Ms. Vicki is a native of Dallas and is married to an active-duty Soldier. They have three sons. Ms. Vicki has always had a gift for giving quick advice and steering people in the right direction. She has a Master’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Currently, Ms. Vicki is a doctoral student. She is also working on a host of books that will be published this year. The first book, “Restoring the Passion and Romance in Your Relationship” will be released soon. Ms. Vicki uses her intellect, clinical skills, passion, wit and humor to engage many. She works as a therapist with Veterans, Military servicemembers, and their families. She provides services for a wide array of concerns such as combat stress, PTSD, couples and marital problems, depression, grief and loss, stress and coping, etc. Ms. Vicki has been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS Early Morning Show and others. She has a new book soon to be published entitled “How To Kill Any Relationship in 10 Minutes or Less.” Check out the  Dear Ms Vicki site Email Ms. Vicki at at [email protected].

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