Need some great advice to help you take care of your computer and make it last as long as possible? We’ve got it. Maintaining your computer not only makes it last longer, it also protects your personal finances and identity. If you’ve got a PC, be sure to clean out the files you no longer use and get rid of software you don’t need anymore. Regularly clean up your files with Disk Cleanup and the Disk Defragmenter; this will make your computer run faster and make room for new downloads, files and programs.  There are all kinds of viruses and malware on websites and in downloadable files; to prevent these files from finding their way into your PC, protect your computer with programs like AVG Anti-Virus or Malwarebytes. Although Mac users are less susceptible to viruses, malware and spyware, you should still take preventative measures to get the most out of your computer. Empty your downloads folder regularly to get rid of possible threats. If you take care of your computer, it will take care of you.  

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