Hannah Brencher‘s mother was never much for social media or cell phones. While Hannah was in college, her mother would stay in contact through letters. After she graduated from college, Hannah moved to New York City where the overwhelming loneliness drover her into depression. To cope with her feelings and reach out to others, Hannah began writing love letters to people whom she knew she’d never meet. The World Needs More Love Letters founder wrote over 400 letters and left them all over New York City for complete strangers to find.  It’s uplifting to see a woman who is down and out making an effort to bring a smile to the face of a stranger. Hannah began blogging about these love letters, using the internet as another way to reach out about her feelings.  Through her blog, Hannah offered a hand written letter to anyone who needed or wanted one. This offer changed her life. Individuals from all over the country shared their painful situations with Hannah, asking for a love letter from her so they’d have something to look forward to. Her story has inspired others to use this tactic to reconnect with loved ones, to inspire others, and even to save lives of people who feel desperate and alone. There’s something so personal about a handwritten letter; a simple offering that has changed many lives thanks to the work of Hannah Brencher.

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