Love and War is a unique concept in the fashion world; breaking out of the all-too-common designs often seen among designers supporting the military lifestyle.

Samantha, the owner of Love & War, started the brand with a desire for something fresh.  As an Army spouse and fashion enthusiast, Samantha made it her goal to transform clothing into a tool to encourage and support other military spouses.  Tired of the same designs, stale catchphrases and lack of quality, she decided to set out to bring supportive, high-quality, different options to the ladies of the military community.

Customizable options are available to military wives of any and every branch, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and any lady who wants to show thier support. No matter your sense of style, find something cute and comfy that will show your support of the military as a whole or the branch that’s most imortant to you at Love & War.

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