Traveling alone with your spouse is a completely different ball game than traveling with children. Kiss your dreams of a romantic evening out on the town goodbye. Replace that dream with a fast food-filled, sticky day out at the hotel pool with the kiddos.

Lisa Molinari knows a thing or two about these types of trips. Summer used to be about lounging and relaxing in the warm sun, exploring natural scenery and cultural adventures. Once you have children, the relaxation and exploration melts into ways to keep the little ones happy.  Keep the peace. Keep them entertained. Avoid meltdowns!

Check out Lisa’s hilarious post at The Meat and Potatoes of Life to find out what her strategies are when traveling with kids. And then there’s her cardinal rule of traveling with kids: “Lower your expectations.”

Let’s be real! All you parents out there understand. Get some great advice and a few belly laughs out of some real-world experience.


About the Author

Lisa Smith Molinari is an award-winning syndicated columnist, author, blogger and speaker.  She and her family are currently stationed at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

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