Whether you’re surrounded by ice and snow or enjoying warm sunshine, if you’ve got little ones at home, January is a great time to help them create memorable crafts inspired by winter, nature and the start of a New Year. Little hands and minds love the activity… sometimes all they need is a little inspiration, help and a few supplies!

Be sure to check out these inspired for crafts for kids of all ages and 7 snow day activities for Mom.

Kick off your craft session with ideas from:

  • Martha Stewart: Kids’ Winter Crafts. She’s got tips to make Monster Mittens, Snow Globes, and Sugar Creatures, plus 8 more fun ideas.
  • Disney Family: Winter Ideas and Activities for Kids. Try whipping up a batch of Russell’s Frying Pan S’mores, Winnie the Pooh Hunny Corn Muffins, a New Year Wishing Tree, and more!
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Easy Winter Snowcrafts for Kids. A whimsical Feathered Pencil and a few painted Funky Moon Rocks are just a few of the projects waiting for your creative hands.


What inspires your kids’ creativity in winter? Let us know by posting a comment below or clicking, “Tell Your Story”.

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