Spoiling your kids on Christmas is part of the holiday cheer for many parents. Bringing Christmas magic into your childrens’ lives is priceless, but the emphasis on presents may be giving your kids the wrong message. During the Christmas season, take some time to explain to your kids that the meaning of Christmas isn’t about receiving. Plan an activity to help them see how rewarding the act of giving can be. This won’t take away from the treats they’ll receive from Santa; it will help them understand gratitude, and avoid developing greedy habits and mindsets. Celebrate the whimsy of Santa, the company and love of your family and how to share this love with others. Invite someone you feel may be lonely during Christmas to join your family’s celebration, write letters to deployed soldiers who aren’t spending the holiday with their family, or make ornaments with your children to share with residents at a local retirement home. However you and your family want to give back will be a priceless lesson for your children and will brighten a strangers day. Make investments in memories, love and good deeds rather than an excess of gifts your children will soon forget. What are your thoughts on Christmas consumerism?

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